Friday, July 9, 2010

Flirting with work!

Who says work can't be fun? The secret is to set the proper mood. What better way, than to put a little dazzle in your work attire!

Not only do you feel pretty and feminine while cooking, cleaning, gardening, working on crafts and so much more, but your clothes look fresher and cleaner at the end of the day, when your cute apron comes off!!

Since I LOVE to dive into my work without constantly worrying about getting dirty, I really appreciate the fact that these aprons are so durable and well made. They are 100% soft cotton and made with quality 2-Ply Construction. They also won't fade or tear so when I wash them over and over again, they still look great!
Our family has really enjoyed giving these as gifts for showers, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Mother's Day. The colors and patterns are all so cute and we hear that new patterns are coming soon!

We have these featured in our gallery below..maybe we will have to do a giveaway soon with a couple of the aprons...which ones would you like to win?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

Last night I attended the "Stadium Of Fire." We live in Utah and are thrilled to have the opportunity to have such a glorious Independence Program right at our doorsteps! Carrie Underwood was the featured performer and she did an amazing performance. We were also entertained by an entire football field of incredible Stadium Dancers, (two of my granddaughters were part of the group!)

We were delighted with all of the talented performers and captivated with the spectacular fireworks display that brought many oh's and awe's from the crowd. As I have a son who is deployed in Iraq, the Arrival Of The Colors & Pledge Of Allegiance, seemed even more stirring. All in all, it was a very patriotic night and made me proud to be an American.

Oh, by the way...couldn't have made it without my Clipa, during my visit to the little girls room after the show!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Organization Station

How often do you lament that you just need to be more organized?   I have to say that these words are uttered from my own mouth nearly everyday!  One of the biggest complaints that many women have, is that it is impossible to keep everything in it's place, while switching purses constantly. Let me share an example of what I mean. 

Yesterday I was driving to work and finishing applying my make-up in the car.  I know this is not wise, but I was simply running late!  I began to reach into my purse to pull my lipstick out, when much to my dismay, I realized that I had left it in my other purse!!  I was too late to buy some at the store, so the remainder of the day at work I was biting my lips in an attempt to add "color."  I think that the only thing that I added was sore lips and a resolve to NEVER forget my lipstick again!  

Yes I know that I sell Purse To Go Organizers and should be a better example of actually using these remarkable accessories, but quite frankly I have been too busy selling them to keep one for myself.  I just have to decide which one I let's see.  Which one do you think is the cutest?