Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flirty Aprons Mint-a-liscious Give Away results.

We want to thank everyone for entering the Flirty Aprons Mint-a-liscious contest.  The Perfect Bridesmaid is our lucky winner!!  We will notify her by email.

Thanks again and watch for our next contest in the near future!

Happy Holidays~


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flirty Aprons Giveaway


We decided to feature our own version of "Black Friday."  Along with sharing the incredible 30% off code with the link below,  we also would like to give away one of Flirty Aprons newest selections...Marilyn Mint-a-Liscious!


Women can't get enough of this new, fun and flirty woman's apron. Women's aprons have been a necessity in daily life for ages, and now women everywhere are redefining the look and feel of their home lives with our fun and sassy aprons. Take the monotony out of daily life by adding the exciting and sexy flare of a Flirty Apron!

This contest will start on November 25th and end on November 30th @ 9:00 P.M. MST . The winner will be chosen using Random.Org. We will notify the lucky winner immediately after the drawing, and mail out your apron within 24 hours after response is made.

To enter this contest simply follow the 3 steps below:

(1) Subscribe to receive email from The Gift Station

(2) Follow The Gift Station

(3) Click on the link below.  This will take you to the Flirty Aprons website. Browse through their store and see of all the new cute styles and designs that  are being featured for the holidays.  Come back and post a comment, saying which apron you love the best!

30% off any purchase at Flirty Aprons, code ""CYBER30"", valid 11/25-11/30

 ( If you want to take advantage of the 30% off ANY of their products, write down the coupon code and enter it when you reach their checkout.  This 30% off special ends on November 30th!) 
**For (5) extra contest entries, purchase any item from Flirty Aprons during their 5 day holiday special and post a comment**

Good luck and happy holidays~



Monday, November 22, 2010

Flirty Aprons 30% Off Any Purchase!


30% off any purchase at Flirty Aprons, code ""CYBER30"", valid 11/25-11/30

Flirty Aprons is featuring a 5 day coupon special from November 25-30. During these 5 days, you can save 30% off of any purchase from their wide selection of adorable aprons and gloves!

Just write down the coupon code above and click on the Flirty Aprons banner or coupons link. This will take you to their official website. When you are ready to make a purchase, enter your coupon code at the checkout page.

This is an incredible savings and a wonderful opportunity to purchase that special gift for less!

Check out the brand new styles and designs that are now available! They are really cute and selling fast.

Enjoy your day,


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flirty Apron Giveaway Results.

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and suggestions in regard to our Flirty Aprons Giveaway!
This is our first giveaway and we have much to learn.

We used Random.Org to pick the lucky winner and that was number 20. Congratulations to Debbie Campbell!

We would like to offer a 10% discount on any of our Flirty Aprons in our store. (We finally were able to get our hands on 20 more Frosted Cupcake Women's aprons!) This pattern has been back ordered for some time and we are glad to share it with you.

In order to receive the 10% discount, please go to the top right of our sidebar and click on the link to subscribe. Follow the instructions to complete the subscription to The Gift Station. Once that is done, visit our Auctiva Store Selling Station

Go ahead and purchase the apron(s) of your choice and proceed to purchase them, but do not complete the checkout by paying. Simply contact us and let us know that you are a subscriber to the gift station. At that time we will send you an adjusted invoice reflecting the 10% discount!

We hope that this helps those who have been waiting patiently to find out the results. We will email you when our next giveaway begins!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I seem to have giveaways on the brain!

I have been entering some really cute contests that I would like to share with you.

This particular contest is for one of the award-winning products known as SQUIGGLE.  The company RandomLine creates drawing games and doodling activity pads that encourage and inspire the imagination in kids and adults.

These are really quite unique products and something that could bring hours of "educated fun" to your children!

Please click on the button below to find out more about their amazing products and for a chance to win your free gift!

Our Flirty Aprons giveaway is ending in two days!  We would love to have you visit our store and tell us what you would love for the next Gift Station giveaway. Maybe the cute and sophisticated Gloveables glove and aprons, or perhaps the pretty and practical Purse To Go organizers?  Or maybe you have an idea for a new product line that we can add. Please scroll down to our gallery of featured products and click on the link on the bottom that will take you to our Auctiva store.

We sure appreciate all of you and really LOVE your comments!!

Have a marvelous day,


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flirty Aprons Giveaway!

We don't want you to miss out on our Flirty Aprons Giveaway!

Just scroll down to our "pages" link on the right hand side.  (It is just above our Gift Station button.)

Look for the "Flirty Aprons Giveaway" link.

Just click on that and it will take you right to the page that you want to be at!!

Good Luck and please don't forget to leave your email so that we can contact you if you are the lucky winner!


Monday, August 30, 2010

Love these gloves!

We are so excited about our brand new products, Gloveables rubber gloves and Gloveables fabric aprons. 
These fabulous gloves are just the thing when you have to work with your hands, but don't want to spoil your manicure! These gloves are comfortable enough to wash dishes, but durable enough to tackle your most dreaded chores! You can look fashionable and pretty even when you feel not so pretty.

Do you ever notice that the number one thing to reveal our actual age is the appearance of our hands? It is so important to protect our hands when we use water, cleansers, and even protect them from the sun when we garden!

Gloveables  make the perfect gift for a Bridal Shower, Birthday, Christmas, or housewarming gift! Why not pair them with our adorable matching Aprons? These aprons are fashionable, flirty and just plain cute! They protect your clothing from even the messiest tasks, while making you feel pretty!

Check out all the colors and designs! http://www.auctiva.com/stores/viewstore2.aspx?id=1354892&styleid=118

Just thought you would like to know! Your purchase makes a difference! Upon visiting Choluteca, Honduras the first time, we fell in love with the people and their sincere desire to work and take care of their families. Choluteca is a rural city in Honduras, one of the poorest countries in our hemisphere. After evaluating the needs, resources and sincere desire of the community workforce, Grandway committed to building a wood fabrication and sewing factory. Currently, the two factories employ about 200 people who are paid a premium wage. Most families have 4 or 5 children in Latin America, which means the factory helps close to 1,000 people directly, and thousands more indirectly through increased disposable income spread throughout the city. Grandway's philosophy is to provide opportunity - not handouts. It is our belief that handouts stall a culture, but opportunity (where effort is part of the process) creates self - worth, value, training and a foundation for progress. The factory is proving this plan and the differences in people's life are well documented. It is rewarding to see people turn despair into hope and prosperity. The factory also hosts incentive programs for food and education.  Recently we have also seen several high profile gift companies importing a "Gloveables" knock - off from China. The Gloveables product is a patented product and we as a company work carefully to be socially responsible and respectful of other intellectual property. We hope you see value in this type of leadership and incorporate this philosophy into your own purchasing decisions.
By purchasing many of these fine products, it helps guarantee the success of the factories and their sincere effort to support their families. On behalf of all the Grandway employees and their families, we earnestly convey our gratitude for your support and want you to know how much your support is truly appreciated.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flirting with work!

Who says work can't be fun? The secret is to set the proper mood. What better way, than to put a little dazzle in your work attire!

Not only do you feel pretty and feminine while cooking, cleaning, gardening, working on crafts and so much more, but your clothes look fresher and cleaner at the end of the day, when your cute apron comes off!!

Since I LOVE to dive into my work without constantly worrying about getting dirty, I really appreciate the fact that these aprons are so durable and well made. They are 100% soft cotton and made with quality 2-Ply Construction. They also won't fade or tear so when I wash them over and over again, they still look great!
Our family has really enjoyed giving these as gifts for showers, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Mother's Day. The colors and patterns are all so cute and we hear that new patterns are coming soon!

We have these featured in our gallery below..maybe we will have to do a giveaway soon with a couple of the aprons...which ones would you like to win?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

Last night I attended the "Stadium Of Fire." We live in Utah and are thrilled to have the opportunity to have such a glorious Independence Program right at our doorsteps! Carrie Underwood was the featured performer and she did an amazing performance. We were also entertained by an entire football field of incredible Stadium Dancers, (two of my granddaughters were part of the group!)

We were delighted with all of the talented performers and captivated with the spectacular fireworks display that brought many oh's and awe's from the crowd. As I have a son who is deployed in Iraq, the Arrival Of The Colors & Pledge Of Allegiance, seemed even more stirring. All in all, it was a very patriotic night and made me proud to be an American.

Oh, by the way...couldn't have made it without my Clipa, during my visit to the little girls room after the show!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Organization Station

How often do you lament that you just need to be more organized?   I have to say that these words are uttered from my own mouth nearly everyday!  One of the biggest complaints that many women have, is that it is impossible to keep everything in it's place, while switching purses constantly. Let me share an example of what I mean. 

Yesterday I was driving to work and finishing applying my make-up in the car.  I know this is not wise, but I was simply running late!  I began to reach into my purse to pull my lipstick out, when much to my dismay, I realized that I had left it in my other purse!!  I was too late to buy some at the store, so the remainder of the day at work I was biting my lips in an attempt to add "color."  I think that the only thing that I added was sore lips and a resolve to NEVER forget my lipstick again!  

Yes I know that I sell Purse To Go Organizers and should be a better example of actually using these remarkable accessories, but quite frankly I have been too busy selling them to keep one for myself.  I just have to decide which one I want...now let's see.  Which one do you think is the cutest?